Over sized large beast of a man. Vessili stands well above the normal fray. His chiseled body, blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes turn heads when he walks into the room. Vessili figures it is either his great looks or just the sheer intimidation of his size, he really doesn’t care. Vessili isn’t the brightest of the bunch and being a bit of a narcissist with a touch of an ego manic, Vessili seems focused on how everyone views him. He loves it when they either flaunt over his looks or ask him to help them by using his strength and are awed at what he’s capable of.


Growing up in the old country, in a small farming village high in the Ural mountains, Vessili helped his family out. He was a large child and grew quite quickly. By the time he was eight he was already steering the oxen teams to till the land.

The Russian governments came looking for potential prodigies for the Olympics and took Vessili from the home he knew and brought him to Moscow to train in the most elite gyms with dedicated training coaches. His diet was strictly adhered to and the Russian chemist made sure to received his daily injections.

Vessili grew with leaps and bounds and had a knack with using any type of hand held weapon. Vessili loved learning Spetsnaz (Russian Martial Arts) but his size made him cumbersome. So when his opponents would attack him he nearly never use any type of fancy kicks, like you see in those martial arts movies. No he just beat you to a pulp or find some weapon to use on you. His favorite were knives.

Vessili never achieved Olympic status, but was a brute. He got into hanging out with some unsavory crowds and became a bouncer at many bars, later to to taken in by the Russian mafia. After years of working with them Vessili made a number of enemy’s and fled to Malifaux. Fearing foe his own life. Although Maifuax has its dangers they are safer then the outside world at this point in his life.


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