A man of many talents, he has the skills to kill


“After the echoes of your laughter die, the mud flows like a river into the sky. For your secrets are not yours alone. The other place beckons through the voice of oblivion, and it dreams of you”


His past is a mystery to even himself. He remembers living in the wilds, tending a ranch, owning a rail yard, having a family, being a king. Some of his past is truth, but one thing is for certain, some force planted false memories into him. But who, and why?

His childhood was not normal in that his parents were murdered 1 day before he was 18. When he turned 18, he joined the police force and took part in killing the people who killed his parents. He learned much in policing, being a detective. He remembers little about that the next few years. But by the time he was 20, all of that was about to change.
Hayden has always been in the West but has slowly moved San Francisco, west. Wanting to excape the horrible memories of his parent’s deaths in front of him, he made it to Nevada, where he made a ranch for himself. He was a cattle farmer. He lived about 10 miles outside of Aurora, Nevada. Working in the fields, he turned to alcohol to deal with stress and pain. There, he made new friends, and new enemies. When he was drunk, he usually pissed at least one guy off and almost killed them.

7 years he lived in Aurora. It wasn’t until many of the people he would shoot at disappeared. He was being blamed for them. 3 weeks after the disappearences started, he got a telegram from a friend named Darla.

Hayden Stop
No time Stop
The town is going to riot Stop
You have to leave Stop
The only save place I know is Malifaux -Stop

I have a contact there Stop
Find Ben Condrio Stop

Hayden did just that, leaving. But when he got to Malifaux, he realized that there was no Ben Condrio. Out of luck and leaving the only home that he had, he turned the only life he knew, being a shooter. It’s coming into the 2nd month he has been in Malifaux, and he is begginning to have memory problems. Not with the present but in the distant past, remembering having a wife and child that he had no idea who they were. Being a buisnessman in New York. But nothing made sence, trying to forget about the strange memories, a thought began to trouble him. A man is always watching him, but with his experience with Malifaux, he knows that while many things stare at people from the shadows, it’s not normal for something to stand there in the light, untouched by time, food, the weather. He began dreaming of the man and how he would do nasty things, both in Malifaux but also on Earth. A man, no a being named Karinks was now feeding him nightmares.

Or are they the bad things that he avoided? Are his memories be what could have happened? All he knows is that the Arcanists want him to help them, and he will do so, as long as there is enough scrip for payment. But will this Karinks guy stop him? What will he do while on a job? Is he an angel? A demon? A blessing in disquise?

(Karinks is a neverborn that is sent to watch over Hayden while he is in malifaux. He does many bad things, but many good things. It all depends on what the other neverborn tell him to do, also depending on his mood. He is there to make sure Hayden doesn’t die, but also not to directly interfere with what Hayden does. He watches from afar. His masters believe there is something big arising, and Hayden will be close to the center of it all.)


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